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Footwear Design and Pattern Making
Footwear Design and Pattern Making

This online course covers the knowledge about understanding of elements and principles of design, the necessary skills to translate them and ability required for sketching the designs of selected basic footwear styles, the development of model patterns, the skills and knowledge to carry out basic footwear designs with their graded working patterns and development of footwear prototypes. The course starts with the concepts of design and foot anatomy, unveils the core and basis of footwear design. This will include the understanding of the relationship of foot and lasts, standard sizing systems.

Next the course will demonstrate the knowledge and skills required to footwear design and create grade working patterns and disclose capacity to produce quality footwear prototypes for selected basic footwear design variations.

If you’re interested in Footwear Design and Pattern Making as a future career, or if you’re a business professional seeking to improve your design capacity and produce quality footwear products, then this course program which combines design creativity with hands-on skills, thanks to a creative and practical approach incorporated is the one for you. With this course, you’ll learn these vital skills in just few days. So start this course today, and by the end of the course, you’ll have an excellent new skill.

Leather Footwear & Leather Goods Design, Craftsmanship and Export Readiness
  • Learn the vital skills and knowledge required to understand and translate fashion trends into leather footwear and Goods Crafts and export readiness. 

  • In leather footwear, leather goods and crafts manufacturing and trading business, Footwear and leather goods designers are highly valued professionals and the fundamental pathways towards sustainable business growth. If you want to become successful professional in footwear and leather goods crafts design and enter export markets, you must run through of these essential concepts, have essential skills on footwear, leather goods and crafts design, understanding and knowledge on export requirement.